Butterfly, birds and reptiles
Details of a perfect world
Nature of children
The cooing of doves
The multicoloured band
The great yellow lizard
Butterfly Land
Harmony among children of the earth

Metaphors of the Brazilian Rainforest

an exhibition of the art of
EMILIO BOSCHILIA Brazilian engraver, painter
and graphic artist

The Engravings of Emilio Boschilia
PLACES (Dates):
Where: Peach Gallery, Suite 300, 722 College Street, Toronto
When: September 10-15-2015
Exhibit hours: 11.00am to 6.00pm daily
Organization: Lloyd Strachan; Manuela Marujo; Carol Beaver e Andréa Strachan
Sponsor by: André Carneiro; Letícia Frantz Boschilia
Photo: Marcos Campos
Site: STDi Soluções em web; Ecompleto Tecnologia
Banner: Andréa Gallotti
Poster: Eric Shallemberg



Address: Street Manoel Eufrásio, 650 - Block A1 - apartment 121 - Curitiba/PR - Brazil
e-mail: emilioboschilia@uol.com.br

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